polygon pulse // the hummus trail diaries

I’ve been holding on for as long as i can
I don’t think i could take to lose again

It’s going to happen
It’s going one way or the other soon



I want to be the energy that you’re drawn to


The ground is shifting beneath our feet
We are part of everything yet not complete


It’s going to happen It has to,
I know you believe it too



We’re gonna be born again as something new

I want to be the energy that you’re drawn to



I first heard this track during a new year’s trip to Calmshet – one of the most beautiful trips of my life. And this song just stuck with me since. Coming to me every now and then. I started to believe that it was trying to tell me something. But what? What was it trying to tell me so bad? Could have millions of interpretations. Would i ever be able to guess?



Polygon: many angled. Pulse: a single vibration or short burst of sound, electric current, light, or other wave.




Perpetually multi-angled with short bursts of energy. Life. nature. you. me. us. Aren’t we all multi angled? And the best thing about being multi angled is that no angle can be right or wrong. they all just parallely co-exist. There’s something so beautiful about co-existence to be in a state of harmonious living despite differences.



That’s the side of Himachal i saw on my most recent trip to the hills. First stop was Kasol – rightly called the mini isreal of India. All the isrealies after completing their mandatory military service come to this town to blow off some steam. this place has some serious Israeli food. Seriously the best hummus of my life. I have been a hummus connoisseur for the longest time and this place won my heart.



Stop two was Manikaran. A gurudwara and natural hot springs are one of the many amazing things that this beautiful place has to offer. Why are there natural hot springs there? You can read up about it here.

Enter a caption

So after a dip and a feel good meal at the Gurudwara it was time for the next stop.

Stop three Tosh. Here is where i learned about the hummus trail. Around 60 towns and villages spread across India fall under the famous hummus trail. i mean its called the hummus trail. how could it not be the best thing ever?



Stop four was mysterious Kutla. Where time has stood still. It just refuses to move forward. Sometimes that can be the most refreshing thing ever.



Stop five was my most favorite one: Kheerganga. a 14 km trek to the top of a snow clad mountain surrounded by more snow capped mountains with hot springs bang in the middle. These hot springs work wonders on the body. Its too difficult to explain how i felt when i was chilling in the same spot that lord Shiva apparently chilled for 3000 years.

Stop six was the gorgeous village of Chalal where i encountered some of the most beautiful flora and fauna of the supremely gorgeous himachal pradesh


Stop seven and eight: McLeod + dharamkot.

You gotta develop your angles. Your own angles, your perspective on the angles of others, your ability to merge and understand all the other angles that exist in this world. Ive never been good at maths but i think i kind of understood what the universe was trying to tell me through this song and through this trip. Be multi angled, be all the different things you want to be – only then will you have wisdom enough to understand this world and your place in it. And unlike geomtry angles, our angles are not fixed – they are ever changing. And the only thing that can change them is yourself.



The only thing i think makes this world go round is energy. Its the most important thing – the kind of energy you are giving and getting. Learn to understand it. Analyse the kind of energy are you giving out in this world. More often than not the energy we give out comes back to us. Most of us don’t realize this but all the stressful and negative energy in our life is 99% our own doing. We all have difficult times that we have to go through – but its our actions at these crucial moments of handling these difficult times that determine the kind of person we are. So always choose good energy over bad. And be the energy everyone is drawn to. What kind of energy are you drawn to?


Third time really is the charm. This has been my best Himachal trip so far. I am this close to giving up the corporate life and settling down in a small cottage in the woods surrounded by snow capped mountains. sigh. soon.


After this long ass post you guys deserve a good song. So here you go: Polygon Pulse by Maceo Plex

Listen to it and be inspired because it’s going to happen…

Next trip is already in the planning process. Talk to you guys soon. Till then stay cool :*


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