And We Danced// Notes From Supersonic 2017

And we danced and we cried and we laughed
And had a really, really, really good time
Take my hand, let’s have a blast
And remember this moment for the rest of our lives


Last weekend Benjamin Hammond Haggerty gave his very first performance in India at Vh1 Supersonic, Pune. And oh what an experience. Its only fitting that i use the words he wrote to explain what an amazing weekend this was:

I am not, I am not going to stand on the wall
I will dance, I will dance, I will break that ass off
And I see you in the corner, corner looking so small
Doing the robot like, if I die tonight, at least I went hard
I will not, I will not give a damn who watches me
I will live, I will live, liberate the fox in me
I will be the discoball


Dedicate this to the dance floor
Party up the sorrow ’til tomorrow morning happens
We pledge allegiance to the DJ
Put your hands up
You see me looking at you from that bar right over there
But your friends are huddled up and they are hating on a player
And we danced
And we cried
And we laughed
And had a really, really, really good time
Take my hand, let’s have a blast
And remember this moment for the rest of our lives

This post is sort of a continuation to my last post, dancing people are never wrong. Last two weekends have been full of great music, delicious food, lots of dancing and some amazing amazing moments. But these last two weeks also have been a little hectic. like not bad hectic, kinda good hectic.

Thats the beauty of life though. Duality. cant have good without the bad. you must suffer a little. go through some amount of pain to experience glory in all its form. And life will never throw something at you that you cant handle. you are king. you are this world. so enjoy the pain, love the pain and then come out of it stronger saying BRING IT! and everything that comes post is only happiness and peace.

So dont fall for the stress trap. keep calm and dance on. have fun. give importance to small moments. These small moments make your life. look at the sky in wonder. get mesmerized by the sunset. enjoy life. don’t be too hard on yourself. let go.

The song for this post is And We Danced by  Macklemore. Listen to it, watch the video and d.a.n.c.e please:


Next stop: Anywhere.



P.S: stole a couple of pictures from Vh1 Supersonic




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