Dancing People Are Never Wrong / The SulaFest Journal

This town’s a judgmental place
And I’m unsure in any case
It’s not under my control
They’re taking aim for heart and soul


Not havin’ an opinion at all
Is what is left from doing all that research
Is this the curtain call?
I can only love what feels right
What are all these questions for?
I know I like it but I can’t say more
I know I want it but is it right?
Conclusion’s out of sight
I can only love what feels right
I can only love what feels right


There ain’t no song
Dancing people are never wrong
And what a shame
I cant blame you for groovin’
You better not stop moving
I wanna’ see you crying on the floor
Thats what people are dancing for



SulaFest happens in the beautiful Sula Vineyards in Nashik. Every February all the lovers of wine, music and sunshine gather at this magical place to lose themselves and also find themselves in the process. My favourite act from the whole festival was jan Blomqvist.

Dancing to his set, i was the happiest i remember being in a long time. It was intense. i love it when music does that to you. makes you feel. i love the goosebumps and the over whelming hold of the beat that just transcends you to another world and its crazy how easily your feet keep up with you. its nothing short of magic.

So thats the message i took away from this experience. Dance. Lose it. Forget people. Forget problems. Do what you love. Don’t worry. Things work out. But please do lose yourself. To dance, to love, to music, to wine to anything really but do lose yourself. Otherwise how will you find yourself?

The song for this post is dancing people are never wrong by Jan and The Bianca Story. Please listen to it and dance. And also take the title very very seriously.

Next stop: Supersonic.



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