like a rolling stone

Food has always been one of my constant motivations in life. Ever since i was a little girl, i remember my grandma making some insanely delicious meals for me every time i would visit her for the summer vacations. As i sat there on the table, gobbling down some of the tastiest food i could have ever had, i knew i had to had to had to learn the art to cook. And I’ve not looked back ever since. I love cooking, i love feeding people, some might say i am on a Feed The World Mission, and that kind of comes close to how i feel.

Anyway so i had an impromptu road trip last weekend to Surat which turned into a foodathon where my aim was to taste 24 different things in 24 hours. And that’s what this post is about. This city really surprised me. Its full of some amazing food, even more amazing people. Eat, Sleep, Chill and Repeat is the tagline of this interesting city. So here’s what went down. (Just a security briefing: This is a long post)

Got there on Saturday night at like 11 after a long, beautiful, rainy, scenic drive and after one crazy friday night ( friday is also one of my most favourite thing in the world ) We were super hungry and went straight for some street food

Dish 1 and 2: Paplet (no fish involved) and Ghotaala. Made with eggs, masala, onions, cheese all buttered up to perfection. Served with more buttered bread.


Dish 3: post that was desert time and had this amazing this called Ferrero ecstacy. Surat loves its ice cream. There are innumerable options right from LIVE cream (where they make you ice cream in front of you using fresh cream and the flavour of your choice – mixed and plated right on the counter) The picture is bad because there was a power outage and night cameras on phone suck.


Dish 4: The next day we went to a place called the Dumas Beach. It is the second most haunted place in India! Didn’t encounter any ghosts but did encounter some supremely tasty bhajjiyas. Rainy Sunday morning with deep fried pakodas on a beach is the recipe for happiness – write it down. Had something called tomato bhajjiya which also had a tangy chutney inside. Who ever came up with that is a genius.

Also came across a temple of wish where of course i made a wish. Hopefully it comes true 🙂

IMG_2128 2
Dish 5, 6, 7 and 8: There is no restaurant culture in Surat. The only thing that works is yummy street food. Next we tried – Sweet samosas, veg pattice and 2 different types of break pakodas. Same ingredients but two very distinct versions of the same dish – and both equally yum – only in surat.


Dish 9: My personal fav. Cold Coco. Imagine hot chocolate. Very thick chocolatey hot chocolate. Now make it cold. only for 30 bucks. Yes. its the best thing ever.


People in surat have some really fancy houses because why not.


Then it was time for some delicious evening snacks. So after a little slumber we were back on the road because there was more yummy food out there waiting to be eaten!

Dish 10: Deconstructed Alu Puri. A small puri, topped with spicy mashed potatoes, onions, chutney and namkeen. 10 bucks a plate. Is this real?


Dish 11: 6 flavoured pani puri. Chaat has always been one of my favourite cuisines. Its very close to my heart. Pain puri more so. So when i had 6 different flavours of my fav dish – i was literally on the 6th heaven. haha.


Dish 12: The authentic gujju dabeli. You must try it yourself because now i am running out of words to describe how good the food in surat is.


Dish 13: Masala samosa. Small samosas cooked with onions, capsicum and some masala. YUM


Dish 14: Minor stop for some good old soulful chai. Even that tasted better in this city somehow.

Dish 15: Khakra pizza. Because how could i have not?

Dish 16: Soya sticks.

Dish 17: Tacos. The Food Truck Culture in Surat was another thing that surprised me. Chinese, continental, mexican, south indian, punjabi – you name it and there’s a food truck for all kinds of cuisines available. These trucks are on till 2:30 AM at night and you will see a flurry of people just eating and chilling on the road by these majestic food trucks. I would do the same.

Coffee.frothy, yummy, bittersweet and mixed to perfection – all this without any coffee machine. I am a huge coffee junkie and this coffee was one of the best i have ever had. Or it was just the vibe of this foodie city that made everything taste better 🙂


Dish 18: Cheese Chilly Toast from a food truck called The Idli Cafe. Run by a beautiful woman who did this not for money, but for her passion for food.


Resisting food coma was very hard after hogging so much. But lets just say we had the right kind of motivation to keep going 😉


Dish 19: To satisfy the sweet tooth in me. Fresh Apple and cinnamon ice cream. This just won my heart for all the right reasons. #CinnamonForLife

Dish 20: Sada Dosa from a food truck called Anna’s Kitchen. buttered to perfection

Dish 21: SOSYO. So its a speciality of Surat. It kind of left me confused when i had the first sip. Like it was really confusing but it grows on you.
Dish 22: So there’s a night bazaar which is open till 2:30 AM and serves all kinds of dishes you can imagine. And no mid-night binge on a rainy sunday night can be complete without maggi.

Dish 23: Nylon dosa. Almost a khakra, but not really. crisped to perfection


Dish 24: Saved the best for the last. Mango Oreo Rolling Stone. Watch the video because i don’t know enough words to describe how magical this is. Here’s the whole video of how a rolling stone is made:


Surat has a total of 94 brides, lot of foodies, some major prawn harvesting, beautiful beach side, a river running within the city, mansions for houses and a level of chill so advanced even i couldn’t match up to. I had 4 other friends with me who put up with my ’24 dishes in 24 hours’ mission super seriously and made surei did it. Without them i would have probably given up on dish 12. May be not.

So here’s to living in the moment, giving into all your whims and fantasies, to being impromtu, being random, being anything but boring.

The song for this post is called…Like A Rolling stone by Mr Dylan.

Ahh princess on a steeple and all the pretty people
They’re all drinking, thinking that they’ve got it made
Exchanging all precious gifts
But you better take your diamond ring, you better pawn it babe
You used to be so amused
At Napoleon in rags and the language that he used
Go to him he calls you, you can’t refuse
When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose
You’re invisible now, you’ve got no secrets to conceal


So will see you again ,with another city, with some more food, some more music and some more rants about food, travel, life and everything else. till then keep eating, keep sharing food and keep spreading the love!




PS: All this went down live on my snapchat account. You can add me and be a part of my mad world at, or not. ok bye!



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