Somebody else

We all wanna be somebody else from time to time. Some people dont like their arms, their legs, their hair, their eyes.. the list is endless. Most of the times we dont even know who we want to be we just blindly follow an ideal that has been established in front of us. We follow that ideal and we make it our life. I will be happier if i get a little skinnier, a little fairer, a little funnier. Self growth is very important for self actualization. But when do we start crossing the line? When do we start compromising our real self in order to achieve that perceived ideal self? Well we may never know. Or may be we do but we tend to turn a blind eye towards it as well. because ignorance is bliss, right? Wrong.

Dont ignore that voice in your head. People will call you mad. they will call you crazy. But dont give up just yet. Keep going. Keep walking till you dont discover yourself. Its a long tough road full of obstacles, but put your faith in the universe and just keep going. You will get there. And when you do, everything you went through in the process, will be definitely worth it.

I go through the same issues from time to time. I want to break out of myself, do something ive never done before, try something just for the hell of it. Its ok. Give in to these urges. Its somewhere between giving into these urges and going out of your comfort zone is where you will find a fragment of your real self. And when you do, hold on to it with your dear life.

So this post is about being somebody else, because why have a mind if you cant change it?


Recently got a haircut. Yes in an attempt to become somebody else. And yes i do like this somebody else. Coco Chanel puts it the best:

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”1

So the moral of the story is, change is constant. and it applies to the kind of person you are as well. You are growing every minute, every second and if you want your life to change you cant be the same person and do the same things. So go for it no matter what it is because in the end it’ll all be fine 🙂


The song for this post is also called Somebody Else by Clone Of Clones. I have been stuck on it for at least a month now and now im leaving to be somebody else for now 🙂



Until next time. Hugs, kisses and good vibes :*

Stay cool.


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