If You Drink Your Coffee Black, You Might Be a Psychopath.

I recently read an article which said if you like drinking black coffee you might be a psychopath. Naturally i got inspired by it and decided to make a blog post on it.

Obviously i love my coffee and i love it black. but does that make me a psychopath? may be. its all subjective.
Ever since we’re kids we are being labeled. Every tiny trivial choice we make, every decision we take somehow is used by the society to categorise us in certain stereotypes. Right from the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the kind of movies we like, the kind of friends we have, the way we talk etc etc everything somehow determines the kind of person we are. or the kind of person society wants us to think we are.
Why? Because its a messed up, complicated world. These labels help people to try to make sense of it all. But is it really helping anyone?
So screw labels. screw stereotypes. Do what you love, do everything you wanna do, wear whatever you want because no matter what you do there’s always gonna be someone disappointed in you. And your life is to please yourself and not anyone else. so ya man. i love my coffee. i love it black. does it make me a psychopath? may be. its all subjective.
So here is my coffee inspired all black look.


I’ve always been obsessed with audrey hepburn. Her Givenchy LBD in Breakfast at tiffanys was i think one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen.

There have been a lot of inspirations behind this post. Another one is a song by sylvan Esso called coffee. Must have heard it like a million times by now. you should too. its nice
So this one is for the love of Audrey, LBD, coffee and all things dark.
These gorgeous snakeskin Louboutins are my most prized possession.Got them at a garage sale. for 200 bucks. yup.10
Got sick and tired of my hair one day and decided to do DIY ombre at home. got a bunch of colors mixed them up and then this happened.
These beautiful vintage shades are to die for.
So that’s about it for this time. remember to not let anyone tell you who you are and what you should do. only you know how you got where you are today and keep going until you don’t reach where you need to. fuck society. it doesn’t know what its talking about.
signing off with some coffee love by sylvan esso
and a nice remix of the same song:
Ok bye!

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