red. rogue.

anger. love. passion. vibrance. danger.  frustration. evil.

one color so many meanings. we all are like this color. we become different people in different situations. its a great thing. be dangerous. be love. be angry. be passionate. be rogue.

or just be the devil 


blue shades have become a favorite. after all who doesnt love a bit of blues?


blue white

love the contrast red and blue creates


in my last post i said every photo tells a story. its the same with every outfit. sometimes it feels like i am a part of some movie. things just happen around me, like a series of coincidences but may be they are not coincidences at all. or may be i am just too high on hope. 

blue will always be a favourite but as picasso said ‘when i haven’t any blue, i use red’

so that’s about it.

signing off for now.

hope i inspired you to be red.

Stay cool.

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