in wonderland

So i officially turned 23 last month and i feel old. Last year was one of the bestest one yet and saying goodbye is hard.

But we all must move on. change is inevitable.

Then why should your style stay the same?

The way you dress, the way you make your hair, the kind of shoes you wear the kind of make up you do – every little thing says something about you. Now what it says is completely subjective.

But guessing is fun. Curiosity more so.

I wanted to do a shoot which was a bit different. Wanted to indulge my whims and fancies. and this is the final result!


This spot instantly reminded me of wonderland for some reason.

This skirt was a last minute buy during a tiring birthday shopping spree. Found it in a tiny boutique in bandra and i had to have it. The Beautiful silk material and the gorgeous flowers gives it this nice oriental feel. no?


flower child phase is still here to stay.



so pearls are hands down the best. I do love shiny things but diamonds aint got nothing on pearls. Or may be the grapes are sour.


its amazing how clothes can instantly make you feel so different. Its as if we were actors, everyday was a movie and what we wear determines the character we are playing.



midi skirts are a new favourite. especially the puffy ones.


since the last three years ive been getting tattoos around my birthday. its become a tradition of sorts. and this year i got a play button [ my best friend got a matching one too 🙂 ] it means no matter what we dont stop – dont stop doing what we want, dont stop doing what we love, dont stop having fun and dont stop being friends 🙂


no matter how hard i try i cant manage my hair. so i have given up. they are forever messy and tangled. its my hair after all.


experimenting with colors is very exciting. i love this shade of blue. i love white and i love black. Red is amazing. so is green. i cant choose so i wear them all.


round sunnies are the BEST.

_MG_9034if i see bright fresh crispy green grass. i will sit on it.


yes grass makes this happy. happy enough to make this face.



aatif was trying his best to make me smile. its hard. i tried.


these heels are not easy to walk in. but ive had enough practice. my blog is called in my shoes and people who know me know how much i love my heels



as we were walking around in the park we met a fellow photographer who told us about this bench where he had photographed his daughter. After 3 failed attempts and 3 run-ins with him we managed to find it. and i was glad it did.

my flare for drama will never end. EVER

Dramaqueen you can call me.

think it was meant to be. We were meant to find this beautiful bench

because i believe some things are meant to happen, some people you are meant to meet – there is always a reason for everything.


so thats about it. This was the story of my wonderland.

Every photoshoot tells a story its nothing short of a book.

And Alice says “what is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?”

So this is goodbye then. until next time.

with another story 🙂


aatif was kind enough to bear with me during this photoshoot because i just ‘had to’ take a picture in every pretty corner that we saw – which was a lot. a whole lot.

Signing off for now

Stay cool



6 Replies to “in wonderland”

  1. Very Pretty.
    Smile a lil more.
    I have deep love for tattoos .
    So i hope some day your blog would have a separate post exclusively for you tattoos.

    love from Ninja Granny💪❤

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