blurred lines

This post is about lines. Reading between the lines, blurred lines, crossing the lines and so many more types of lines.

This post is also about about experimenting with something new

Ever since cropped tops made their foray into the fashion world i have been dying to try them on and here’s my first

Recently life has been like this – experimenting with new things – doing new things. and it is kinda scary. but good kinda scary so its all cool.

So here’s for trying new things and never walking into a straight line



These are my absolute favorite sunnies – my rose tinted glasses which makes life look so much better. I would never take these off if that was an option 😛



I love how this look has a retro feel to it.


Cant argue with the beauty of black and white 



So that’s about it for this time.

Hopefully will do a post soon.

So till then keep trying new things and do what you want to do no matter what others say


Signing off for now

Stay cool


Photo credit – my soul sister Anindita Dutta Roy and also Vivek More.


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