Blue Valentine

Valentine’s Day. such a sham. With all the reds and hearts around it gets very annoying. But still its a reason to dress up and here’s what i wore on the V-Day.



Stockings and boots have become my most favourite. Will wear them till i die.

The electric blue skirt i had to have. Its lace, it fits perfect and no short skirt can ever be not hot.Image



LOVE my hair in this one. Ombre curled up goodness. I wish there was a way to forever keep hair like this *sigh*



The pink earrings are really not visible but they match the bright pink neck piece. If you follow my blog you’ll know that pink and blue is my favourite combination.

So i guess this is it. My blue valentine.Image

And here are the lovely people i spent my valentines with. LOVE ALL OF THEM :*Image

Hope your valentine’s wasn’t as blue as mine.

Until next time.

signing off.

stay cool


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