On A Cold Sunday Evening

This post is the most special one yet.

Probably because this is one of my most favourite look or may be its the magical location or just the stunning weather.

Mumbai has started getting cold. Hope it lasts.

After a long time and a lot of insisting i got Aatif to do a photoshoot.

And we both couldnt believe how awesome these pictures came out!

The focus of this shoot was not so much the clothes but about doing something we never did before.

We roamed around in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, hunting for locations, stepping on stones, getting scared out of our heads, fighting with monkeys for food and then facing what i thought was a one on one with a tiger >.<

Ok may be not its just the dramaqueen in me talking.


I’ll always choose black overcolor. Leather jackets over pretty dresses. Boots over stilettos.

Also, messy hair is the best.


Cant go wrong with red lips and smokey eyes. Actually you can go VERY wrong. But practice makes perfect.


Got a little carried away at the shoot and ended up with a bunch of really narcissistic pictures.

But since Selfie was termed as the word of 2013 i think we all sailed the humble boat a long time back.



So this will be the last post for 2013.

This year has been the MOST Epic and the AWESOMEST Year yet.



The beautiful chain ring was a Christmas gift from my Twitter Secret Santa.






That’s all for now. Here’s one behind the scene #Selfie with the photographer!


So here’s to goodbyes and new beginnings.

Hope 2014 for you is awesome.

Signing off.

Stay cool 🙂


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