Every time i go shopping one thing is constant on my list – maxi skirts. I already have a couple of them but i will never ever get tired of wearing them.

And if i see a maxi skirt with pleats then i have to have it. seriously. its a problem.


Styling a maxi skirt can be tricky. But then it all depends on how you carry it off.

Well, i am wearing one today.

Here are some pictures.


Bandra will always be my favourite place to shop.

ImageFrom dresses to tops to skirts – if you look patiently you will find the bestest stuff there.

I picked up this skirt from Outfits in bandra. saw it and bought it. and why wouldnt anyone?

i think i am over my obsession with neon and am leaning towards pastels now a days.

Lets see how long this lasts.



Also its not easy to wear a maxi skirt without almost tripping once or twice. so kudos to me.

or may be i spoke to soon.


Well that’s all.

signing off for now.

stay cool.


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