Birthday month flew by too quickly. Needless to say it was the best one yet.

Officially 22 now and already freaking about getting old.

They say you should always dress keeping your age in mind. Screw them.

Here’s what happened last month.

It all started with some awesome birthday shoes. There’s nothing in this world that a pair of stilettos can’t fix.


Attended the LFW this year with Aishwarya and took a lot of selfies.


Got some gorgeous rings and a beautiful rose pink clutch with gold detailing, and my 5th tattoo.


Shopped myself broke at Forever 21. This has become a habit now.


And i cannot wear white jeans without dropping food on them.

The only thing i am diligently into, apart from fashion, is food.


That pretty much sums up August 2013.

There’s more to come.

Hope i inspired you.

Signing off for now.

Stay cool 🙂


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