This and that.

Been more lazy than busy lately. But here are a few of my favorites from my recent shopping trips.

Love this combination. It just pops!

The rose gold watch is a gift and my most prized possession  The bag with the gold chain and those oxblood pants, what’s not to love?

Mother was in a good mood and bought me these shoes! Got to love her! and this bag is was the result of a shitty day which resulted into some random retail therapy. These two are a match made in heaven.

Every fashion fanatic is going on and on and on about studs being ‘in’ this season. Well they are and here is a picture of my studded collar shirt. Lets leave it at that. Oh and the gold necklace is one of my favorite pieces too!

AND this is the showstopper. My swanky new blazer with leopard print detail. Scored this baby online for quite a bargain and its safe to say this winter i’ll be quite warm if at all temperatures decide to drop in Mumbai.

Well that’s all. Hope i inspired you.

Signing off for now.

Stay cool 🙂


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