Flower Power!

I’ve never been a child of trends. Never followed the latest fad. But last year Floral took over the world and how! I was smitten immediately

I know it’s not a new trend – not really. It’s been around since the 70’s and i remember the gorgeous floral dresses i see even today donned by fashionistas around the world – then

I love it so much so that even my twitter background is floral 😀

So my hunt began on the high streets of Bombay – the usual suspects – Hill Road, Causeway and what not. Found some great prints – and then some.

Dresses will my favorite forever. I haven’t met one single girl as of yet who doesn’t love cute floral dresses. I mean c’mon what’s not to like! 🙂


So the first one i got was from Ginger – The back was so stunning i just couldn’t resist and the rose prints were an added bonus.

The next few ones were the ones i picked up from here and there – 150 bucks a piece. Also i am a firm believer in high waist-ed belts. I think they are a great way to highlight the waist and i use one on any chance i get.


So my love with floral continues even after almost a year since it’s been here. And i hope to god it stays. It’s an instant dose of freshness – and a great pick-me-up on those drab days.

So the final one is from Reliance Trends  – yeah don’t give me that look – Sometimes you find the best of things in the worst of places. I wore it on my birthday last year and is still one of my most prized possessions. And of course pearls have to be there – they just make everything prettier!


And i think i don’t need accessories or any other add-on’s to make floral look even better than it already is so i am not emphasizing them much.

So this is it – my flower power. Hope i inspired you.

Signing off for now.

Stay cool 🙂



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