Lace love and pearls

Lace – it might just be the best thing that man has ever created. Its sheer, its see-through, it’s like a second skin and it’s so damn sexy. There never was and there never will be a fabric as gorgeous as lace.

I remember as a kid, my grandmother had this beautiful black sari, and it was lace – and even then I thought that it was stunning. Guess it runs in the family – loving lace. Ok bad joke, moving on.

I was and kinda still am obsessed with lace. And I had looked everywhere I could to get that perfect lace dress or anything with lace – but failed, miserably. Then last year I had gone to my grandmother’s house for summer vacation. She used to stitch me these cute frocks when I was little, and she still had a sewing machine, so I bought this black lace material from the market – like two meters of it and made my grandmother stitch me a top. And I thought there couldn’t have been an idea better than this one! And it worked – it came out just like I wanted it to be!

Ok I am not writing an autobiography here, so the point I am trying to make is, that I will go to any length to get what I want – that is what fashion means to me. Call me insecure – I don’t care, but I have this obsessive compulsive need to be dressed in the way I want to be dressed – Shallow? May be.

Lace can be complicated to wear. You don’t want to team it up with prints or dark colors. That’s a no no. I teamed it up with this silk high waist skirt. That’s another one of my favorite thing. I got it from Hill road Bandra – from where I buy most of my clothes. There’s no point spending 4000 on a piece of clothing which you can’t wear a lot – instead spend 400 on something, wear it three – four times and get your money’s worth – that’s what I do and its very affordable.

So black lace top white satin skirt – this gorgeous vintage string of pearls – which is from my grandmother’s closet that I stole. Again that’s another of my favorite places to shop from – my mother and my grandmother’s wardrobe – you never know what you’ll find plus no matter what it is it will be vintage 🙂

And that’s all – my whole outfit in under 500 bucks – budget shopping on a whole another level. Well, then there are the heels – my Mango heels – I am not a brand junkie when it comes to clothes – but for my shoes – oh that’s a whole different story.

So there you have it lace, satin, pearls and heels and life is complete. You don’t have to spend 3000 on a dress for which you WILL feel guilty later. If you can’t find what you want – stitch it – or get it stitched. There are a lot of tailors who can get this done. But to do all this you need to be committed, be determined. Well even if you are not I am so just read my blog instead and get your DIY fix right here.

Also, if you are dressing in black and white, make sure there’s a pop of color somewhere. Like may be, your nails. Think about it!

So here’s a picture of the final product. Hope I inspired you. Signing off for now.

Stay cool.



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