Dear Chester

I started listening to your music around 12 to 13 years back. I was a sad, lonely kid in school with no friends. Things at home were also kinda sucky. But your music, your words held me together. Every time i heard crawling in my skin, i cried, i wept like a sad little girl that i was. I remember having off days and listening to why does it feel like night today, something in here’s not right today. I broke down. Life didn’t make sense to me. But your songs, your words helped me understand that someone out there understands what it means to be down and out. To be hopeless. To be loveless.

I thought the world was out to get me because no matter what i did, the pain never went away. Those were the most difficult years of my life. And when i heard ‘i put on my daily facade but then i just end up getting hurt again by myself’, i got angry. First angry at the world. Then angry at myself for being angry at the world. Your words continued to heal me. Continued to put me back together.
Every song of yours that i discovered, spoke to me. How can it be that a person you’ve never met in person knows you inside out? Knows what you want, knows what you need and somehow magically gives it to you even from a thousand miles away.

From every thing you say to me takes me one step closer to the edge to my december. From leave out all the rest to wretches and kings. Literally each and every song of yours is etched in my soul. In a way you are a part of my soul. You helped me become a better person. You helped me by just being there when no one else would. And now you’re gone. You’ve killed yourself, or thats what they say. And it kills me inside. This heavy sinking feeling that came along with the horrible news of you being no more, refuses to go. Then i put on Meteora. And there they are, your words, your voice, your wisdom. Still there, even though you are not. Still there to put me back together. Still there to heal me and to help me move on. But i will never move on.

I am sorry this world was not good to you. I am sorry you felt so helpless. You gave me hope, inspiration and the will to go on. Even though it was rage, but i guess thats exactly what we needed to break through. You were a symbol of strength for me. I have looked up to you ever since i was sad lonely girl. And 12-13 years later when i heard about you leaving this world, i still feel like that sad little girl who doesn’t know how to react to this news. But dearest Chester, you will always live on. Live on in my soul. Live on in the countless million souls that you have uplifted. Live on with your beautiful music – which will uplift more countless souls even though you’re not with us in flesh. Flesh is over rated anyway, you were always all about the soul anyway. And your soul was one of the most if not the most beautiful souls ever. I hope you are in a better place because you deserve nothing less than that. You were too good for this ugly ass world anyway. I am sorry the world wasn’t kinder to you. I am sorry you were sad. I am sorry because damn you deserved fucking better.

Thank you for making me the person that i am today. I will forever be in debt to you and your music. You were my best friend and i wish i had the right words to tell you how fucking sad it makes me to know that this world doesn’t have you in it anymore.


Comptine d’un Autre été: L’Après-Midi // Calmshet diaries

Summer is almost gone. Time for another season change. I love how mother nature feels so compelled to change every 3-4 months. Change of color, change of temperature, change of rhythm, change of routine, change of playlist, change of appearance. You get my gist. I am a big fan of change. I completely believe in the age old cliche of change is good. And also in ‘why have a mind, if you can’t change it.’  Like mother, like daughter.


FullSizeRender 31

So change it man. Don’t like something in your life? Change it. Cant change it? Then change your mind. Don’t be the same. Imagine how sad it would if you were the same person throughout your life. Thinking the same things, doing the same things, wearing and talking the same things. listening to the same songs, eating the same food, discussing the same things, fussing over the same things. The scary part is – the world is full of such people. Stagnant. So please i beg you – don’t be one of them.

FullSizeRender 34FullSizeRender 30

Einstein once said Insanity is  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So do yourself a favour and change. Do different things to get different results. Change your mind, change your heart, change your perspective, change your playlist, Change your wardrobe, change your thoughts, change your friends, change your thought processes, change the conditioning, change your choices – may be thats how you will one day change the world 🙂

FullSizeRender 33IMG_9974 2

So this weekend i decided to change my view + temperature scenes and move away from the scorching mumbai heat. Kalmshet is a small quaint little place somewhere near lonavala. Famous for paragliding, beautiful lake, amazing sunsets, gorgeous weather and FIREFLIES! So i went to this beautiful little place to chase peace, clouds, monsoon and some magical fireflies. Got all those things and then some more.

Ok so one thing that hasn’t changed in my life for a few years now is my love for Amelie. The movie, the music and the feeling – i am obsessed with it all. I wouldn’t call it a song – i prefer the term feeling. So the feeling of this post is ‘comptine d’un autre été: l’après-midi’ which roughly translates to a rhyme for another summer afternoon. And i tried to match this feeling with some footage i took while on the trip.

FullSizeRender 35

Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain: The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain is one of the greatest movie ever made and this blog post is a dedication to all the things amelie has taught me :*

The footage in this video is all taken at Calmshet. please go there is you get a change – its heaven on earth. The music is by Yann Tierson taken from the movie Amelie of course.

Listen to the full playlist here.

So that’s it for now. Go watch this movie, listen to the beautiful playlist and think of the next thing you wanna change. Find another rhyme of a sunny summer afternoon 🙂

polygon pulse // the hummus trail diaries

I’ve been holding on for as long as i can
I don’t think i could take to lose again

It’s going to happen
It’s going one way or the other soon



I want to be the energy that you’re drawn to


The ground is shifting beneath our feet
We are part of everything yet not complete


It’s going to happen It has to,
I know you believe it too



We’re gonna be born again as something new

I want to be the energy that you’re drawn to



I first heard this track during a new year’s trip to Calmshet – one of the most beautiful trips of my life. And this song just stuck with me since. Coming to me every now and then. I started to believe that it was trying to tell me something. But what? What was it trying to tell me so bad? Could have millions of interpretations. Would i ever be able to guess?



Polygon: many angled. Pulse: a single vibration or short burst of sound, electric current, light, or other wave.




Perpetually multi-angled with short bursts of energy. Life. nature. you. me. us. Aren’t we all multi angled? And the best thing about being multi angled is that no angle can be right or wrong. they all just parallely co-exist. There’s something so beautiful about co-existence to be in a state of harmonious living despite differences.



That’s the side of Himachal i saw on my most recent trip to the hills. First stop was Kasol – rightly called the mini isreal of India. All the isrealies after completing their mandatory military service come to this town to blow off some steam. this place has some serious Israeli food. Seriously the best hummus of my life. I have been a hummus connoisseur for the longest time and this place won my heart.



Stop two was Manikaran. A gurudwara and natural hot springs are one of the many amazing things that this beautiful place has to offer. Why are there natural hot springs there? You can read up about it here.

Enter a caption

So after a dip and a feel good meal at the Gurudwara it was time for the next stop.

Stop three Tosh. Here is where i learned about the hummus trail. Around 60 towns and villages spread across India fall under the famous hummus trail. i mean its called the hummus trail. how could it not be the best thing ever?



Stop four was mysterious Kutla. Where time has stood still. It just refuses to move forward. Sometimes that can be the most refreshing thing ever.



Stop five was my most favorite one: Kheerganga. a 14 km trek to the top of a snow clad mountain surrounded by more snow capped mountains with hot springs bang in the middle. These hot springs work wonders on the body. Its too difficult to explain how i felt when i was chilling in the same spot that lord Shiva apparently chilled for 3000 years.

Stop six was the gorgeous village of Chalal where i encountered some of the most beautiful flora and fauna of the supremely gorgeous himachal pradesh


Stop seven and eight: McLeod + dharamkot.

You gotta develop your angles. Your own angles, your perspective on the angles of others, your ability to merge and understand all the other angles that exist in this world. Ive never been good at maths but i think i kind of understood what the universe was trying to tell me through this song and through this trip. Be multi angled, be all the different things you want to be – only then will you have wisdom enough to understand this world and your place in it. And unlike geomtry angles, our angles are not fixed – they are ever changing. And the only thing that can change them is yourself.



The only thing i think makes this world go round is energy. Its the most important thing – the kind of energy you are giving and getting. Learn to understand it. Analyse the kind of energy are you giving out in this world. More often than not the energy we give out comes back to us. Most of us don’t realize this but all the stressful and negative energy in our life is 99% our own doing. We all have difficult times that we have to go through – but its our actions at these crucial moments of handling these difficult times that determine the kind of person we are. So always choose good energy over bad. And be the energy everyone is drawn to. What kind of energy are you drawn to?


Third time really is the charm. This has been my best Himachal trip so far. I am this close to giving up the corporate life and settling down in a small cottage in the woods surrounded by snow capped mountains. sigh. soon.


After this long ass post you guys deserve a good song. So here you go: Polygon Pulse by Maceo Plex

Listen to it and be inspired because it’s going to happen…

Next trip is already in the planning process. Talk to you guys soon. Till then stay cool :*

And We Danced// Notes From Supersonic 2017

And we danced and we cried and we laughed
And had a really, really, really good time
Take my hand, let’s have a blast
And remember this moment for the rest of our lives


Last weekend Benjamin Hammond Haggerty gave his very first performance in India at Vh1 Supersonic, Pune. And oh what an experience. Its only fitting that i use the words he wrote to explain what an amazing weekend this was:

I am not, I am not going to stand on the wall
I will dance, I will dance, I will break that ass off
And I see you in the corner, corner looking so small
Doing the robot like, if I die tonight, at least I went hard
I will not, I will not give a damn who watches me
I will live, I will live, liberate the fox in me
I will be the discoball


Dedicate this to the dance floor
Party up the sorrow ’til tomorrow morning happens
We pledge allegiance to the DJ
Put your hands up
You see me looking at you from that bar right over there
But your friends are huddled up and they are hating on a player
And we danced
And we cried
And we laughed
And had a really, really, really good time
Take my hand, let’s have a blast
And remember this moment for the rest of our lives

This post is sort of a continuation to my last post, dancing people are never wrong. Last two weekends have been full of great music, delicious food, lots of dancing and some amazing amazing moments. But these last two weeks also have been a little hectic. like not bad hectic, kinda good hectic.

Thats the beauty of life though. Duality. cant have good without the bad. you must suffer a little. go through some amount of pain to experience glory in all its form. And life will never throw something at you that you cant handle. you are king. you are this world. so enjoy the pain, love the pain and then come out of it stronger saying BRING IT! and everything that comes post is only happiness and peace.

So dont fall for the stress trap. keep calm and dance on. have fun. give importance to small moments. These small moments make your life. look at the sky in wonder. get mesmerized by the sunset. enjoy life. don’t be too hard on yourself. let go.

The song for this post is And We Danced by  Macklemore. Listen to it, watch the video and d.a.n.c.e please:


Next stop: Anywhere.



P.S: stole a couple of pictures from Vh1 Supersonic



Dancing People Are Never Wrong / The SulaFest Journal

This town’s a judgmental place
And I’m unsure in any case
It’s not under my control
They’re taking aim for heart and soul


Not havin’ an opinion at all
Is what is left from doing all that research
Is this the curtain call?
I can only love what feels right
What are all these questions for?
I know I like it but I can’t say more
I know I want it but is it right?
Conclusion’s out of sight
I can only love what feels right
I can only love what feels right


There ain’t no song
Dancing people are never wrong
And what a shame
I cant blame you for groovin’
You better not stop moving
I wanna’ see you crying on the floor
Thats what people are dancing for



SulaFest happens in the beautiful Sula Vineyards in Nashik. Every February all the lovers of wine, music and sunshine gather at this magical place to lose themselves and also find themselves in the process. My favourite act from the whole festival was jan Blomqvist.

Dancing to his set, i was the happiest i remember being in a long time. It was intense. i love it when music does that to you. makes you feel. i love the goosebumps and the over whelming hold of the beat that just transcends you to another world and its crazy how easily your feet keep up with you. its nothing short of magic.

So thats the message i took away from this experience. Dance. Lose it. Forget people. Forget problems. Do what you love. Don’t worry. Things work out. But please do lose yourself. To dance, to love, to music, to wine to anything really but do lose yourself. Otherwise how will you find yourself?

The song for this post is dancing people are never wrong by Jan and The Bianca Story. Please listen to it and dance. And also take the title very very seriously.

Next stop: Supersonic.


i am a rock

I Am a Rock by Simon & Garfunkel

A winter’s day
In a deep and dark
I am alone
Gazing from my window to the streets below

On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow
I am a rock
I am an island

Don’t talk of love
But I’ve heard the words before

It’s sleeping in my memory
I won’t disturb the slumber of feelings that have died

If I never loved I never would have cried
I am a rock
I am an island


I have my books
And my poetry to protect me

I am shielded in my armor
Hiding in my room, safe within my womb


I touch no one and no one touches me
I am a rock
I am an island


And a rock feels no pain
And an island never cries

welcome to 2017. So many promises. So many things to look forward to. 2016 was phenomenal. One of the best years for sure. 2017 will only be better. faith. Such a small thing but so very important. A leap of faith. Blind faith. These are not merely words. They stand for something so big that our tiny little minds can’t even begin to comprehend the implications of these said words. But one can certainly try. try to have faith.

This piece is an attempt to summarize all the things that 2016 has made me feel. I am a sucker for contemplation, introspection, reminiscing, soul searching and yada yada yada. So every now and then when i zone out and zone in my own little world and when i reflect on the 25 years of my existence on this strange planet, i begin to understand my own self a little better, it gets a little clear with every attempt, one layer after the other. The things that shaped you, the events that changed your life, the milestones that got you where you are today. Everything happens for a reason and unless you don’t believe that a 100 percent, and unless you don’t look inside and analyse everything thats going on around you, you’ll never see it – you’ll never see the order in the chaos. Its always been there, waiting for you to stumble upon it. But it happens in its own time. So have faith. Have faith in the world, in yourself, in your wisdom, in your beauty, in your strength – you are so amazing you don’t even know it.
Stay cool. Bye!

Get some of that Simon and Garfunkel magic here:

Ophelia – The tale of tungarli 

What is escapism? The tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities by seeking entertainment or by engaging in fantasy. But then again what is reality? Is anything even real? #MrRobotForLyf

If we don’t escape from a place, how will we ever reach another place? So i say, escape. And sometimes the so called real world can get the best of us and in times like those, it is essential that we escape, it is essential we get lost in order to find ourselves.

This weekend i managed to escape the city life, which has started to lose its charm, to a place called tangurli lake/dam. I had no idea what to expect. But i had good company, better weather and the best music so i happily went along, expectationless and lost in my music.


‘Cleopatra’ by The Lumineers has been on repeat since the last few weeks now and my favourite track on the album is Ophelia. This album was on loop even when i was on my way there. Throughout the road trip there was overcast with slight drizzle. It was cloudy, misty, hazy, all sorts of sad and still impeccably beautiful. The music matched the weather matched the thoughts matched the music.

The clouds, the slight drizzle, the cool fresh breeze, the stillness, the reflection, the green, the flowers – oh there were too many perfect things at this place. synchronicity. I have already renamed this place Ophelia in my head.

Ophelia is also a Shakespearean character from hamlet. She was a hopeless romantic who was torn between her family and her love. A love which didn’t reciprocate. But is reciprocation really necessary in order to love? not really. But it sure would feel good.


“Ophelia enters with her hair and whole figure entwined with chains of flowers; and in her thin outer skirt, she carries a mass of them. She advances slowly with the strange light of insanity in her eyes, sits down upon the floor, and plays with the flowers in a childish way, as she sings. Then she arises, distributes rosemary, pansies, fennel, columbine and rue, sings her last song, loiters a moment after her parting benediction, and runs out in a burst of mad laughter.”


Thats how this place was. It was calm but creepy at the same time. Peaceful but intimidating at the same time. Beautiful but still broken. It yelled out love. The love of nature – which is the only thing that could possibly create something so beautiful. But it also yelled out indifference.

I could somehow relate to it. To the song. To the character. To the place. To everything. in the end we are all one aren’t we?

This song is as beautiful as this place. As beautiful as Shakespeare’s Ophelia. As beautiful as escapism. This song takes me to a place. To a place i was at, not too long back. But now the place somehow doesn’t exist. I wish it did because…

Oh, Ophelia, you’ve been on my mind girl like a drug
Oh, Ophelia, heaven help a fool who falls in love

its crazy how loves makes you write poetry, climb hills and do all sorts of mad crazy fun things then suddenly its all gone and what remains are words. Words that were once said in a reality that doesn’t even exist anymore. Just like shakespeare, just like this 100 year old place, just like me, just like ophelia. So back to the initial question, is anything real?

Pursuit Of HappYness – 10 life lessons i learnt on a trip i took on my birthday

6 new places. one birthday celebration. 16 days of madness. 2875 meters above sea level, 10 life lessons.

This year around my birthday i decided to take a trip.

I have always believed that life teaches us a lot of lessons. So in the spirit of turning one year older and wiser, i made a conscious effort to seek out as many lessons as i could learn from this trip.

Throughout my journey i kept note of the things i learnt/discovered/felt/thought about. I was in 6 different places, with some people i knew, some old, some strangers and some new friends. learning something from everyone. And here i am sharing some of the scribblings from my journal along with some pictures (okay more than some) from the trip i took on my 25th birthday (yes i am 25 years old now. and no it doesn’t feel any different from 15)

10 life lessons which might help you on your pursuit of happyness

Lesson #1
Learn to be by yourself. Learn to love your own company. Understand yourself. Dont be scared of being alone.


Lesson #2
Stop apologizing for the person you are. Its okay to be what you want to be, to say what you want to say, to do a certain things you wanna do. As long as you are not hurting anyone – Just be yourself and stop saying sorry for every small thing.

l2 l22   l222

Lesson #3

Think about things. Try to understand each and every perspective. Don’t judge. Understand.

l33    l3l333

Lesson #4
Pamper yourself. And them some more. Don’t wait for someone else to do things for you. Do them yourself. Make yourself happy. Make yourself a priority. Love yourself more than anyone.

Lesson #5
Who are you when no one is looking? Who are you without your friends, your family? Find out. Do you like this person? Do you need to change? Be the change you want to see in the world.


l55  l555

Lesson #6
Have faith. It all works out. Things will get bad before they get real good. Hold on and have faith.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.58.43 pmlk6

Lesson #7
People will always lie and hide things from you. Expect it. no one’s got your back except yourself. No one is gonna be your knight in shining armour. Be that for yourself. Protect yourself and stand by yourself even if no one else does. But dont push people away. Love like crazy. Be a hopeless romantic. Because life is nothing without some good old lovin’



Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 5.00.00 pm

Lesson #8
Be brave. you can handle anything. literally anything. No one else got nothing on you.
you’re a freaking rockstar. Feel it. Be it.

Lesson #9
Everything eventually works out. So chill, relax and wait for it to work out. Don’t despair.




Lesson #10
Never stop learning. Learn from as many things as you can. Every song. Every movie. Every person. Every situation has something to teach you. Learn and grow.

l1010               l10dylan


ok so i lied. There are 25 life lessons. But remember lesson #7? People lie all the time. so. yeah you were warned.

Lesson #11
Life is good. don’t stress. live in the present. Don’t let your mind wander into the past. Be present.

l12      Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 5.33.11 pm

Lesson #12
simple is beautiful. De-clutter your life, de-clutter your mind. Be simple. Think simple and peace will follow.

Lesson #13
“Go with the flow darling.”

flow3         flow4

Lesson #14

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”
― Benjamin Mee, We Bought a Zoo



Lesson #15
Go to a new place. do things that scare you. meet new people. Experience new things. nothing matches experience.

Lesson #16
Be confused. Be challenged. Feel good. Feed bad. Feel pathetic. Feel everything. Feel deeply. Thats how you will grow. Feel it, embrace it and come out of it as a better version of yourself.


Lesson #17
Don’t be a push over. You deserve everything that you think you deserve. You are worth it. Treat yourself like a freaking king and don’t let anyone else ever make you feel otherwise.



Lesson #18
“Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge… is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world. It requires profound purpose larger than the self kind of understanding.”

~Bill Bullard

Lesson #19
take chances. Make decisions and stick to them. Talk to strangers. Make memories. Make stories. Don’t worry about how long they will last. Collect moments and don’t fret about the longevity of things in your life. Whatever is meant to be will always be.

Lesson #20
Don’t feed the self doubt that creeps up on you every once in a while (if not more) its somewhere beyond this self doubt that you will find something beautiful and wonderful. So keep at it. Keep fighting the doubt.

Lesson #21
believe in tarot cards. believe in horoscopes. believe in ghosts. believe in whatever you want to believe. But do believe in something.

Lesson #22
Always remember, the universe is looking after you. Feel it. Feel the guidance, feel the protective shield. You have survived so far, and you will continue to do so. Let go of the negative vibes and embrace the immense beauty that is present everywhere.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.48.46 pm

Lesson #23
Some endings are necessary. Without them there would be no beginnings. So let go. End it. Let it end. Grieve. Get over it and get ready for something even better.

Lesson #24
Everything always happens for a reason. Dont lose yourself to the stress and worry. Be patient. you might not get what you want, but trust the universe to give you exactly what you need.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.52.27 pm

IMG_3132                      IMG_3441IMG_3370

Lesson #25
Be on a pursuit of happiness. And trust me you’ll find it. Not in someone else. Not in some place else. No. you will find it within you. Your happiness starts and ends with you, as long as you remember that – nothing can get in your way. So be happy. And listen to this beautiful song by Kid Cudi which inspired this whole blog post. (final bunch of pictures, i promise!)

“I’m on the pursuit of happiness and I know
everything that shine ain’t always gonna be gold, hey
I’ll be fine once I get it, yeah
I’ll be good.”


Thank you for all the people who were a part of this trip. you know who you guys are. the memories i made on this trip will last a lifetime if not more. All the highs and lows were all worth it. And i wish i get a chance to do this again.

Till then stay cool. Hope i inspired you.

Loads of Love and good vibes to you.

Some more picture spam below. These beauties are not clicked by me because as usual my phone died! But i was there. its the same thing. anyway. Thank you for reading :*


like a rolling stone

Food has always been one of my constant motivations in life. Ever since i was a little girl, i remember my grandma making some insanely delicious meals for me every time i would visit her for the summer vacations. As i sat there on the table, gobbling down some of the tastiest food i could have ever had, i knew i had to had to had to learn the art to cook. And I’ve not looked back ever since. I love cooking, i love feeding people, some might say i am on a Feed The World Mission, and that kind of comes close to how i feel.

Anyway so i had an impromptu road trip last weekend to Surat which turned into a foodathon where my aim was to taste 24 different things in 24 hours. And that’s what this post is about. This city really surprised me. Its full of some amazing food, even more amazing people. Eat, Sleep, Chill and Repeat is the tagline of this interesting city. So here’s what went down. (Just a security briefing: This is a long post)

Got there on Saturday night at like 11 after a long, beautiful, rainy, scenic drive and after one crazy friday night ( friday is also one of my most favourite thing in the world ) We were super hungry and went straight for some street food

Dish 1 and 2: Paplet (no fish involved) and Ghotaala. Made with eggs, masala, onions, cheese all buttered up to perfection. Served with more buttered bread.


Dish 3: post that was desert time and had this amazing this called Ferrero ecstacy. Surat loves its ice cream. There are innumerable options right from LIVE cream (where they make you ice cream in front of you using fresh cream and the flavour of your choice – mixed and plated right on the counter) The picture is bad because there was a power outage and night cameras on phone suck.


Dish 4: The next day we went to a place called the Dumas Beach. It is the second most haunted place in India! Didn’t encounter any ghosts but did encounter some supremely tasty bhajjiyas. Rainy Sunday morning with deep fried pakodas on a beach is the recipe for happiness – write it down. Had something called tomato bhajjiya which also had a tangy chutney inside. Who ever came up with that is a genius.

Also came across a temple of wish where of course i made a wish. Hopefully it comes true 🙂

IMG_2128 2
Dish 5, 6, 7 and 8: There is no restaurant culture in Surat. The only thing that works is yummy street food. Next we tried – Sweet samosas, veg pattice and 2 different types of break pakodas. Same ingredients but two very distinct versions of the same dish – and both equally yum – only in surat.


Dish 9: My personal fav. Cold Coco. Imagine hot chocolate. Very thick chocolatey hot chocolate. Now make it cold. only for 30 bucks. Yes. its the best thing ever.


People in surat have some really fancy houses because why not.


Then it was time for some delicious evening snacks. So after a little slumber we were back on the road because there was more yummy food out there waiting to be eaten!

Dish 10: Deconstructed Alu Puri. A small puri, topped with spicy mashed potatoes, onions, chutney and namkeen. 10 bucks a plate. Is this real?


Dish 11: 6 flavoured pani puri. Chaat has always been one of my favourite cuisines. Its very close to my heart. Pain puri more so. So when i had 6 different flavours of my fav dish – i was literally on the 6th heaven. haha.


Dish 12: The authentic gujju dabeli. You must try it yourself because now i am running out of words to describe how good the food in surat is.


Dish 13: Masala samosa. Small samosas cooked with onions, capsicum and some masala. YUM


Dish 14: Minor stop for some good old soulful chai. Even that tasted better in this city somehow.

Dish 15: Khakra pizza. Because how could i have not?

Dish 16: Soya sticks.

Dish 17: Tacos. The Food Truck Culture in Surat was another thing that surprised me. Chinese, continental, mexican, south indian, punjabi – you name it and there’s a food truck for all kinds of cuisines available. These trucks are on till 2:30 AM at night and you will see a flurry of people just eating and chilling on the road by these majestic food trucks. I would do the same.

Coffee.frothy, yummy, bittersweet and mixed to perfection – all this without any coffee machine. I am a huge coffee junkie and this coffee was one of the best i have ever had. Or it was just the vibe of this foodie city that made everything taste better 🙂


Dish 18: Cheese Chilly Toast from a food truck called The Idli Cafe. Run by a beautiful woman who did this not for money, but for her passion for food.


Resisting food coma was very hard after hogging so much. But lets just say we had the right kind of motivation to keep going 😉


Dish 19: To satisfy the sweet tooth in me. Fresh Apple and cinnamon ice cream. This just won my heart for all the right reasons. #CinnamonForLife

Dish 20: Sada Dosa from a food truck called Anna’s Kitchen. buttered to perfection

Dish 21: SOSYO. So its a speciality of Surat. It kind of left me confused when i had the first sip. Like it was really confusing but it grows on you.
Dish 22: So there’s a night bazaar which is open till 2:30 AM and serves all kinds of dishes you can imagine. And no mid-night binge on a rainy sunday night can be complete without maggi.

Dish 23: Nylon dosa. Almost a khakra, but not really. crisped to perfection


Dish 24: Saved the best for the last. Mango Oreo Rolling Stone. Watch the video because i don’t know enough words to describe how magical this is. Here’s the whole video of how a rolling stone is made:


Surat has a total of 94 brides, lot of foodies, some major prawn harvesting, beautiful beach side, a river running within the city, mansions for houses and a level of chill so advanced even i couldn’t match up to. I had 4 other friends with me who put up with my ’24 dishes in 24 hours’ mission super seriously and made surei did it. Without them i would have probably given up on dish 12. May be not.

So here’s to living in the moment, giving into all your whims and fantasies, to being impromtu, being random, being anything but boring.

The song for this post is called…Like A Rolling stone by Mr Dylan.

Ahh princess on a steeple and all the pretty people
They’re all drinking, thinking that they’ve got it made
Exchanging all precious gifts
But you better take your diamond ring, you better pawn it babe
You used to be so amused
At Napoleon in rags and the language that he used
Go to him he calls you, you can’t refuse
When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose
You’re invisible now, you’ve got no secrets to conceal


So will see you again ,with another city, with some more food, some more music and some more rants about food, travel, life and everything else. till then keep eating, keep sharing food and keep spreading the love!




PS: All this went down live on my snapchat account. You can add me and be a part of my mad world at, or not. ok bye!


Somebody else

We all wanna be somebody else from time to time. Some people dont like their arms, their legs, their hair, their eyes.. the list is endless. Most of the times we dont even know who we want to be we just blindly follow an ideal that has been established in front of us. We follow that ideal and we make it our life. I will be happier if i get a little skinnier, a little fairer, a little funnier. Self growth is very important for self actualization. But when do we start crossing the line? When do we start compromising our real self in order to achieve that perceived ideal self? Well we may never know. Or may be we do but we tend to turn a blind eye towards it as well. because ignorance is bliss, right? Wrong.

Dont ignore that voice in your head. People will call you mad. they will call you crazy. But dont give up just yet. Keep going. Keep walking till you dont discover yourself. Its a long tough road full of obstacles, but put your faith in the universe and just keep going. You will get there. And when you do, everything you went through in the process, will be definitely worth it.

I go through the same issues from time to time. I want to break out of myself, do something ive never done before, try something just for the hell of it. Its ok. Give in to these urges. Its somewhere between giving into these urges and going out of your comfort zone is where you will find a fragment of your real self. And when you do, hold on to it with your dear life.

So this post is about being somebody else, because why have a mind if you cant change it?


Recently got a haircut. Yes in an attempt to become somebody else. And yes i do like this somebody else. Coco Chanel puts it the best:

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”1

So the moral of the story is, change is constant. and it applies to the kind of person you are as well. You are growing every minute, every second and if you want your life to change you cant be the same person and do the same things. So go for it no matter what it is because in the end it’ll all be fine 🙂


The song for this post is also called Somebody Else by Clone Of Clones. I have been stuck on it for at least a month now and now im leaving to be somebody else for now 🙂



Until next time. Hugs, kisses and good vibes :*

Stay cool.